The Advanced Search page helps you dig deeper into your client data, by building reports using various criteria from the Client Manager, Device Manager, Support Manage, and Order Manager. You can save frequently-run searches and export the results. 

Configuring Advanced Searches

Click the advanced link.

The Advanced Search window appears.
As an example, we're going to search the entire Client Manager for clients originating from Ubersmith's home state of New York. 
  1. Enter the criteria you want to search for in the Advanced Search window.
  2. Click Search.

The Advanced Search Results window appears.

Since the Advanced Search queries the Ubersmith database directly, it may take some time for the results to be displayed.

Saving Advanced Searches

Once the results are available, you can save the search to run again, or export as a comma separated value (CSV) file.

  1. Click the save this search link.

The Search Sidebar expands.  

Complete the Search Sidebar as follows:

  1. Type the name for your search in the Name field.
  2. Select Public to make this search available to other users
  3. Select Private to make the search availably to only yourself.
  4. Click Save As New.

Your saved search displays in the Saved Searches section in the Advanced Search window.

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