Once you have added a tax exemption type, you can perform various action.


Editing Tax Exemption Types

  1. Access the Tax Exemption Types page.
  2. In the exemptions row, click edit.

    The Edit Tax Exemption Type page appears.
  3. Make any necessary updates you need.
  4. Click Update.

Removing Tax Exemption types

Removing, or deactivating, a tax exemption removes any exemptions of that type currently associated with any client accounts.

  1. Access the Tax Exemption Types page.
  2. In the exemptions row, click deactivate. A confirmation message appears.
  3. Click Yes.

Approving Tax Exemptions

  1. Access the Client Profile page .
  2. On the Client Profile page, click Billing/Invoicing and select Tax Exemptions.

    The View Tax Exemptions page appears.

  3. In the View field, select Pending Approval.

  4. In the exemptions row, click approve.

    A confirmation message appears.

  5. Click Yes.


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