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Once you have configured domain management billing, you can add, transfer and register domains for your clients. Once a domain is set for your client, your domain management service handles automatic domain renewals. You can pre-bill domain renewals and provided your client pays the invoice before the domain is set to renew, Ubersmith automatically renews the domain via the registrar. If the service is cancelled or suspended Ubersmith does not renew domains.

There are four different functions that you can take with setting domains for your clients:

  • add currently registered domains without contacting a registrar in order to to manage and automatically renew domains on an established date.
  • manually add client-registered domains, contacting a registrar but not managing or automatically renewing.
  • register new domains by contacting the registrar and renewing the domain registration on an established date.
  • Transfer domains by contacting a registrar.

Access the Add, Register or Transfer a Domain Page

  1. Access the Client Profile page.
  2. Select Account Mgmt and click List Domains.

    The Current Domains page appears.
  3. Click Register/Transfer Domain.

    The Add, Register or Transfer a Domain page appears.

Complete the Add, Register or Transfer a Domain Page

  1. In the Domain field, enter the name of your domain and then select the top-level domain (TLD), such as .com or .org, from the drop-down. You can use the Lookup Domain function to ensure you are using an available domain name.
  2. In the Password field, enter the password to log into the registrar.
  3. In the EPP Code field, enter the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) code from the registrar only if you are transferring a domain, otherwise, leave it blank.
  4. Select Premium Domain if the domain name is considered premium by the registrar. This field only displays when manually adding a registration.
  5. In the Registration Period field, select the number of years the registration will remain in effect.
  6. In the Auto Renew field, select Yes if you want the domain service to automatically renew upon expiration. Expiration notifications are configured in Domain Registrar settings.
  7. In the Lock Domain field, select Yes if you want to prevent the domain name from an an authorized transfer to a different registrar.
  8. In the Service field, select your domain billing service.
  9. Select the WHOIS Privacy Protection field if you want to use the user’s registry’s domain contact information, which may be different from their Ubersmith contact information.
  10. Update any contact fields, if necessary. The contact information sections are automatically populated with client contact details configured in Domain Registrar settings.
  11. In the Action field, select the action to perform. Refer to this topics introduction for an explanation of what each action entails.
  12. Click Submit.


If you want to transfer a domain name for the same client to a different registrar, you will need to delete the domain name from Ubersmith, and add it back, using the new registrar.

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