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This page configures how your business is identified within Ubersmith. This configuration is also Step 1 of 4: Company Identity of the Welcome Wizard


Access the Company Identity Page

  1. From the Ubersmith Dashboard, click Settings.

    The Settings page appears.
  2. From the Global Settings – Getting Started section, click Company Identity.

    The Company Identity page appears. 

Complete the Server URL Section

If you plan to accept credit card data, your Ubersmith installation requires SSL/TLS to be enabled, so you need to use a secure URL that begins with https.

  • In the Server URL field, enter your server’s URL.

Complete the Company Name Section

  • In the Company Name field, enter your company’s name.

Complete the Company Address Section

  1. In the Street Address field, enter your company’s street address.
  2. In the City field, enter your company’s city.
  3. In the State field, enter your company’s state.
  4. In the Zip+4 field, enter your company’s zip code.
  5. In the Country/Territory field, enter your company’s country or territory.

Complete the Company Default County Section

  • In the Country field, enter your company’s default country.

Complete the Default Email Address Section

The default email address is used for any outgoing correspondence where an alternative email address is not specified.

  • In the Default Reply-to Email Address field, enter your company’s default email address. 

Save Your Configuration Settings

  • Click Update.


    If you are configuring this page through the Welcome Wizard, click Next to advance to the next configuration.




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