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Once you sell a service, and the quote has been electronically signed by the client, the quote is transferred to the order queue. Order queues follow predefined steps to facilitate getting the order provisioned.


Access the Order Queues Page

  1. From the Ubersmith Dashboard, click Settings.

    The Ubersmith Settings page appears.
  2. In the Sales & Orders section, click Order Queues.

    The Order Queues page appears.

Complete the Add Order Queues Page

  1. Access the Order Queues page.
  2. Click Add New Order Queue.

    The Add Order Queue page appears.
  3. In the Order Queue Name field, enter the name for the order queue.
  4. In the Allow Sales Quotes field, select Yes if you want the order queue to be able to be selected in the Add Opportunity section on the Sales Dashboard. When the quote is signed, the order will be created in the selected order queue.
  5. In the From Address field, enter the from email address to send to your sales lead.
  6. In the Subject field, enter the subject of the email to send to your sales lead.
  7. In the Template field, enter the body of the email to send to your sales lead.


    The email section is used to send an email to a potential client, or lead, that does not complete the order process.

    Click View Variables to display the View Variables: Order Email page that lists all the system variables you can use to customize your emails.

  8. In the Confirmation Type field select on of the following:
    Default Text to display the text set up in the order form
    Custom Text to display text fields to enter custom messages to display for automated payment successes, automated payment failures, and manual payments
    Redirect to External URL to enter a web address to load.


    The Confirmation section is used to display an online message after the order has been submitted.

  9. Click Save or Save & New.
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