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The Sent Invoices report summarizes the number and total dollar value of invoices generated in Ubersmith over a specified period of time. On the initial report page a summary of the current day, week, month, quarter and year is displayed along with a graph of the dollar amount invoiced over the year. Clicking on the invoiced total next to a particular time frame or entering a custom date range in the form fields at the top right of the report will display a more detailed breakdown of the information.

On the sent invoices details page the full list of invoices generated over the specified time period is displayed. For each invoice, the id number, client name, date sent, original invoiced amount, amount still outstanding and it's current paid/unpaid status is displayed. Clicking on the invoice id number will bring up a popup window displaying the invoice while clicking on the client's name will bring the user to that client's account page. At the top of the details page is also a summary of some vital stats including the total number of invoices sent, total dollar amount invoiced, total amount still outstanding and counts of invoices paid and unpaid. Clicking the 'Download as .csv file' link just above the invoice list will prompt the user to download a comma separated file of the full list of invoices for the specified time period.
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