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Ubersmith's hosted offering is available for organizations that prefer to have Ubersmith's team host the software for them. The benefits of this offering include not having to maintain your own servers, and automatic upgrades.



When using the hosted version of Ubersmith, the appliance is not available for use. Since the appliance is responsible for monitoring and polling all associated infrastructure devices, in its absence, the Device Manager provides only basic device monitoring, such as TCP, ICMP/Ping, DNS, and SSL.

Anything that requires advanced infrastructure monitoring, like network and power devices are not available. For example, bandwidth billing is not available because it requires a monitored switch device. Custom modules and plugins are also not available, since they also require an overlay to the file system.

Service modules that connect directly to a third-party API, such as OnApp and CloudStack are available.

For the hosted version, the following API endpoints have been removed, as they are not applicable:

  • uber.appliance_list
  • client.cc_add
  • client.cc_delete
  • client.cc_info
  • client.cc_update
  • client.ach_add
  • client.ach_delete
  • client.ach_update


In order to offer a PCI compliant solution, the hosted version uses tokenized gateways to accept payments from clients, and doesn’t store credit cards locally. Please see Payment Gateways for a supported list.


The current operational status of the Ubersmith hosted environment as well as any outages can be found at:


On this page:

On this page: