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This knowledge base article will help you troubleshoot issues with the IPMI Information device module in Ubersmith.
  • Could not find 'bmc-info' utility, is freeipmi installed?
This error indicates that the freeipmi utility suite is not installed, or that Apache cannot find the bmc-info binary. You can download freeipmi from the following URL:
Ubersmith requires freeipmi 1.0.7 or newer. On most hosts, the freeipmi binaries need to be copied to
to be included in the Apache user's PATH. The required binaries are:
  • ipmi_ctx_open_outofband: internal error
This error indicates that there is a privilege or firewall issue preventing a freeipmi utility (usually bmc-info) from connecting to your IPMI enabled device. Ensure that outgoing connections on port 623/udp are permitted.
  • bmc-info: connection timeout
Your Ubersmith instance host cannot reach the IPMI enabled device / BMC that you have configured. Check with your network administrator to arrange for connectivity between the two hosts.


  • Try `bmc-info --help' or `bmc-info --usage' for more information.
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