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The Ubersmith Device Manager provides a location-based, top-down view of your resources. You can manage equipment by location and view the equipment’s current status. This topic lists the equipment supported by Ubersmith. For each following piece of hardware, device and service modules are available to provide plug-and-play functionality. 

Environmental Monitoring

NetBotz 200
NetBotz 320E
NetBotz 500
Sequoia EM01B
Uptime Devices SH-2
IT WatchDogs WeatherGoose
IT WatchDogs SuperGoose
IT WatchDogs MiniGoose XP II

Generic IPMI Interface

SuperMicro (Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC)
SuperMicro (AMI)
Dell iDRAC 5
Dell iDRAC 6
Dell iDRAC 7
Dell iDRAC 8
Dell Viking (Tyan AST2050)

Load Balancers

Foundry ServerIron 4G
Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager


3Com 2250 Plus
3Com 2948 Plus
3Com SuperStack 3 3226
3Com Superstack II 3300
3Com SuperStack 3 4500
Allied Telesyn AT-8024
Alteon AD3
Alvarion BreezeAccess
Apanet IPPC24
BayStack 450-24T SNMPv2
BayStack 450-24T SNMPv1
Cisco Catalyst 3560 (Legacy)
Cabletron ELS100
Cisco Catalyst 2924
Cisco Catalyst 2948G
Cisco Catalyst 2948G (2)
Cisco Catalyst 2950G
Cisco Catalyst 3500
Cisco Catalyst 3560
Cisco Catalyst 3750
Cisco 3845
Cisco Catalyst 4912
Cisco Catalyst 5513
Cisco Catalyst 6509
Cisco Catalyst 6513
Cisco 7200
Cisco 7513 Router
Cisco ASR 9010
Cisco 11050
Cisco Catalyst (Generic)
Citrix Netscaler
Dell 3248
Dell 3324
Dell 3348
Dell 5324
Dell 6024
Dell 6248
D-Link DES-1252
D-Link DES-3226L
D-Link DGS-1224T
D-Link DGS-3100
D-Link DXS-3326GSR
Ekinops 360
Force10 S50
Force10 S50N
Force10 E-600
Foundry Networks EdgeIron 2402CF
Foundry Networks EdgeIron 4802CF
Foundry Networks EdgeIron 48G1X10G
Foundry Networks FastIron SX 1600
Foundry Networks FWSX424
Foundry Networks BigIron 4000
Foundry Networks BigIron 8000
Foundry Networks EdgeIron 24G-A
Foundry Networks FES Series
Foundry Networks Generic
NetGear FSM726
Gemini P2P Wireless Ethernet Bridge
HP 1810 Series
IBM Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module
Juniper (Generic)
Juniper Netscreen
Juniper (aeX only)
Linksys SRW-2024
Linksys SRW-208
Motorola PTP Generic
Netgear FS726T
Netgear FS750T2
Netgear FSM726
Netgear GS724T
Netgear GS748T
Netgear GS748Tv2
Netgear GS748Tv4
NetGear GSM7248
HP Procurve 2600
Huawei NE40E
SMC 8748L2 L2 GE
Riverbed Stingray Bandwidth
Summit Switch (Generic)
Summit Black Diamond
Summit (Legacy)
Ubiquiti Networks Airgrid (wireless)

Power Distribution

Apanet IPPC24
APC 7155

APC 7811
APC 7830
APC 7840
APC 7841
APC 7853
APC 7900
APC 7901
APC 7902
APC 7911A
APC 7920
APC 7930
APC 7930 NMC
APC 7931
APC 7932
APC 7940
APC 7941
APC 7951
APC 7960
APC 7990
APC 7998
APC 8841
APC 8941
APC 8953
APC 8959
APC 8959NA3
APC 8961
APC 8965
APC 9225

APC 9312TH
APC 9319
APC 9340
APC 9606
APC 9606 VM Interface

Baytech DS72
Baytech RPC-10
Baytech RPC-10-E20 (via SNMP)
Baytech RPC-12
Baytech RPC-27 (via SNMP)
Baytech RPC-28
Baytech RPC-3
Baytech RPC-9 (via SNMP)
Baytech RPC-9 Legacy (via SNMP)
Baytech MRP-27
DLI Web Power Switch II
Eaton ePDU SWA02
Geist RCM-O
Raritan Dominion DPRX20-20L

Raritan Dominion PX2-5660
ServerTech Sentry C2W36CE-DFME2M33/C
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M AA)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M AB)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M AC)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M BA)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M BB)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M BC)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-48VY-L2120 AA)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-48VY-L2120 AB)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-48VY-L2120 AC)
ServerTech Sentry STV-4502M
ServerTech Sentry CDU (Branch A)
ServerTech Sentry CDU (Branch B)
ServerTech Sentry Unswitched CDU (Branch A)
ServerTech Sentry Unswitched CDU (Branch B)
Servertech Sentry CDU
Servertech Sentry Power Tower XL
Tripp Lite PDUMH20AT
Tripp Lite PDUMH20NET


Server Metrics

Linux Net-SNMP Server
Windows XP/2003 Server

Self-Monitored Bandwidth

Linux Net-SNMP Server
Windows XP/7/2003/2008 Server
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