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You can reply to a client using the followup function. The various ways you can reply are by posting a following up to the recipients of the ticket, which you can change, replying on a post, to use the existing emails, or replying and quoting to use the existing email and include the post. Using any of the available methods, you can also make any necessary changes to the ticket itself. This function is not available for an internal ticket.

  1. Access the Support Manager.
  2. View the ticket.
  3. In the Message section, click Post a Followup.

    The Ticket Response page appears.
  4. In the To field, enter the email address of the person to receive the message.
  5. In the CC field, enter the email address of the person to receive a copy of the message.
  6. In the BCC field, enter the email address of the person to receive a blind copy of the message.
  7. In the Template field, select a template to auto-generate the desired response. See Adding Email Templates for more information.
  8. In the Body field, enter the contents of the message.
  9. Click include comment to display a field to enter a comment for the ticket.
  10. In the Assign ticket to field, select a different user to assign the ticket to.
  11. In the Move to Department field, select a different department to move the ticket to.
  12. In the Set Resolution field, select a resolution for the ticket.
  13. In the Set ticket to field, select a different ticket type.
  14. Select Subscribe to ticket, if you want to follow the support ticket.
  15. If you have any custom support fields, they will be available to select.
  16. In the Time-Tracking section, enter the amount of time spent working on the ticket in the hours and minutes fields.
  17. In the Add Timer section, select a different ticket status in the Change Ticket Status to field, and then enter the date to make the change.
  18. In the Attachments section, click Choose File and navigate to the attachment you want to include in the comment.
  19. Click Send Followup.
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