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Posting a followup is the most common way to respond to a ticket. Once clicked, a text box will pop up for the user to enter a reply to a ticket.


  • Post the email address of anyone who you would like to send a copy of the reply to in the CC or BCC boxes. The CC and BCC fields provide the carbon-copy and blind carbon-copy functionality found in most email clients.
  • If desired, select a template to auto-generate the desired response. See the Manage Email Templates section of Settings to add, remove, and edit Support Manager templates. 
  • Write your response in the large text box
  • Once finished, click the "Send Followup" button, or "Cancel" to discard the followup.

Respond and Set Ticket To:
You can set a ticket to be closed, put on hold or deleted entirely with this menu.

Respond and Assign Ticket To:
With this menu, you can reassign a ticket to a different Ubersmith administrator, or return the ticket to the Unassigned queue (via the "Unassigned" option).

Assign Ticket to Department:
This tab allows you to change the department of a ticket.

Time Tracking:
This section allows you to enter the amount of time it took to respond to the issue in question (hours/minutes) if appropriate.

This section allows you to attach a file to a ticket.

A ticket comment will not produce a response to the client. It is stored as part of the ticket's history. This can be useful so that other admin users can make a suggestion or leave notes to the owner of the ticket that the client may or may not be able to read. The comment itself can be set as public or private. A private comment will only be readable by the admin users. A public comment will be readable by the client. However, since comments are not emailed to anyone, the client would need to be logged into the client interface to view any public comments.

In an instance where it would be necessary to respond to a user who is not the original poster of a ticket, the reply button should be used. The same procedure as described in the 'Post a Followup' section can be followed.

Reply & Quote
This option quotes the previous response and inserts in into the body of the new reply.

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