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Quoting services allows for sales admins to build fully customized quotes and for new and existing clients to sign agreements online.  Once approved and signed, the quoted services can be processed through Ubersmith's order manager without having to re-enter any information. 

Quotes can be added to an existing client's account under the sales tab or to a lead in the Sales Manager under the quotes tab.  The add quote popup include the following fields: 

Name: This is the common name for the quote and is what will be used as the main description in the list of quotes. 

Assigned To: This is the admin user that will be responsible for the quote.  Quotes can be re-assigned as necessary. 

Status: This is the initial status of the quote.  A Draft or Waiting for Approval quote is one that has not yet been made official by an admin user with the proper permission. 

An Open quote is ready to be signed by the client. 

A Persistent quote is one that can be signed multiple times by the client any time additional services are desired.  When signing a persistent quote additional times Ubersmith will create a duplicate copy of the quote which is then signed so each time the client orders new services there is a separate record. 

A Cancelled quote is one that is no longer valid. 

Term: This specifies the length of the contract the quote represents. 

Expires: This specifies the date on which a quote will no longer be valid for the client to sign. 

Notes: This is an additional field for any sort of additional text information on the quote. 

New quotes will automatically include any MSAs (Master Service Agreements) attached to the client or lead.  Clicking the 'override' link will allow the user to upload a custom MSA to be used for the current quote only.  Additional .pdf files can be included in the contract by adding attachments to the quote itself.

Once a quote is created services may be added to it.  Any number of services can be included in a single quote.  Clicking the 'add service' link on the lower right corner of the page will bring up an add service popup window.  If multiple copies of the same service need to be added to a single quote, clicking 'duplicate' will create an additional copy within the quote.  Services can be modified by itself using the 'edit' link to the right of each one.

Any admin user with full access to the client manager or sales manager quotes sections can add or update sales quotes but only a user with the 'approve quotes' permission can move a 'Draft' or 'Waiting for Approval' quote into full Open status.

Once a quote is approved and Open it is possible for the client to sign it.  At this point the 'Email Client' link will be enabled.  Clicking the link will bring up a popup window allowing the user to customize the outgoing message to the client and link them to the quote signature page.  On the view quote page there is also a direct 'client link' link that will take the user to the signature page.  This link can be accessed from outside of the Ubersmith interface, so it is not necessary for a potential client to already have an account to sign a quote online.

Each quote signature page is accessed via a unique url so only someone who has the url may access it.  On the quote signature page the client may view the full quote including any MSAs that are included with it.  The full quote can also be downloaded as a .pdf file suitable for printing.

Once the client is ready to sign they may fill in their updated contact details and select a preferred payment method from the options available.  Selecting to pay with a credit card will prompt the user to enter their card information.  Pre-existing clients with cards already on file may select from their available payment methods as well.  Filling in the client's full name and clicking 'Sign Contract' will digitally sign the contract and update the quote in Ubersmith.  If the client opts to not sign the contract online an admin user can attach a copy of the signed file through the quote details page using the 'Add Signed Contract' popup window.

Upon being signed, Ubersmith will email the client a copy of the completed and signed contract.  The quote will then be created as an order in the selected order queue and can begin being processed as a new sign up.

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