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You can merge two separate tickets into one.

  1. Access the Support Manager.
  2. View the ticket.
  3. Click Merge.

    The Merge Tickets page appears.
  4. In the Ticket ID field, enter the specific ticket ID, if known. Alternately, you can search for the ticket you need:
    In the Search field, select the current ticket status of the ticket (open, on-hold, closed, deleted, all).
    In the with and like fields, narrow your search (any, ticket #, subject, author, body).
  5. In the from the Tickets section, select the ticket or tickets to merge.

  6. In the Comment field, enter a comment to be added and emailed to the authors of the merged ticket.
  7. Select Make Comment Client Viewable to allow the client to see the comment.
  8. Click Save.

You can also use the the Quick Edit Multiple Tickets and the Updating Selected Tickets functions to merge tickets.

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