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The Merge ticket feature allows you to merge two tickets into one. 



To merge a ticket click the 'Merge' link on the upper right corner of the page.

You will be presented with a popup with two dropdown menus and a search field designed to help you find the other ticket you would like to merge. The first dropdown menu allows you to sort tickets by their current status (open, closed, on-hold, deleted, all). The second dropdown menu provides you with extra options to narrow your search (ticket #, subject, author, body, any). Once you have selected a ticket to merge, click the 'Merge Ticket' button at the bottom of the popup. 

In the next popup, you can choose to notify the owners of the merged tickets. You also have the option of sending additional information to the ticket owners via the 'Additional Message' field. Click the 'Send Mail' button when you have completed all necessary tasks.

Tickets can also be merged via the main ticket list page.? Checking the boxes next to the desired tickets and selecting the option at the bottom of the list will merge all selected tickets into the oldest one received.

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