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Client Profile provides your clients with the demographics, payment methods, passwords, and contact information you have entered for them. Client profile information is originally entered in the Client Manager.


View Profile

Clicking View Profile opens the Client Profile page. From the Client Profile page, your clients can view their address and contact information and perform the following actions.

Edit Client Profile

Clicking edit opens the Edit Client page. This page enables your clients to adjust their own basic demographic information such as name, address, phone and email.

Change Password

Clicking Click to change in the Authentication section opens the Change Password page. This provides your clients the ability to manage their own account password.


Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Clicking Click to enable in the Authentication section opens the Two-Factor page.  This provides your clients with the ability to use a TOTP multi-factor authentication application to log into Ubersmith.

View all Comments

Clicking view all comments opens the View Account Comments page. This information is automatically populated from client comments, if the comments have been marked as client viewable.

Add Contacts

Clicking add contact opens the Add New Contact page. This enables your clients to create a new contact with whom your users can interact with.

Edit Contacts

Clicking edit opens the View Contact page, where your clients can update their contact information.

Note: clicking on a contact’s name also opens the View Contact page.

Deactivate Contacts

Clicking deactivate removes a contact from the active contacts and disables their Ubersmith login credentials.

View the Master Service Agreement

Clicking the pdf link in the opens the master service agreement between you and your client.

Payment Methods

Clicking Payment Methods opens the Payment Methods page. From the Payment Methods page, your clients can view, edit and delete their credit card and bank accounts on file and perform the following actions.

You can control what payment types are editable from the Settings page.


Add Credit Card

Clicking add credit card opens the Add Credit Card page, where your clients can add their credit card account and billing account information.

Add Bank Account

Clicking add bank account opens the Add Bank Account page, where your clients can add their bank account and billing account information.

Add Billing Agreements

Clicking add PayPal billing agreement or add WorldPay billing agreement opens the PayPal or WorldPay site, where your clients can establish a billing agreement to use the merchant as a payment method.

Change Password

Clicking Change Password opens the Change Password page, where your clients can change their own account-level password.

View Contacts

Clicking View Contacts opens the Contact page. From the Contact page, your clients can manage their own contacts and add, edit, and deactivate contacts.



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