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You can refund whole or partial invoice payments and account credits. This function also supports the Purchase Return Authorization (PRA) mandate. This mandate gives cardholders the same visibility to see a pending refund authorization for their credit as a purchase authorization.

  1. Access the invoice with the payment you want to refund.
  2. Click refund for the line item you want to refund.

    The Refund Payment page appears.
  3. Select Refund Full Payment if you want to refund the entire amount previously paid. Alternatively, skip this step to refund a partial, specified amount on a line items. Alternatively, skip this step to refund a partial, specified amount on a line items.
  4. Select Return funds to credit balance if you want to refund the money to a client’s credit balance. This field displays when an invoice payment was made from a previous account credit. Use this option when an account credit has been incorrectly applied. The refunded amount will be returned to the account credit balance.
  5. Select Mark refund only to only update your records to reflect a refund and not process a refund payment. For regular payments, this is used when the refund was issued outside of Ubersmith. For account credits, this is used when an account credit was issued in error. The refunded amount will be removed from the client's account.
  6. Ensure the Total Refund field reflects the amount you want to refund. It is automatically populated with the amount paid in the invoice.
  7. In the Refund Note field, enter a description of the refund.
  8. Click Process Refund.
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