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Note: Ubersmith currently support Quickbooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2016/2017 (2018 is in testing) - Please see for more details.

(Due to security requirements in the latest Web Connector version, with regards to acceptable SSL/TLS versions, Intuit's latest Web Connector version ( at this time) only supports QuickBooks 2016 and above.) 


Ubersmith takes advantage of Intuit's QuickBooks Web Connector application.  QBWC is an application that runs on your Windows host, and connects to Ubersmith periodically to siphon updated information about clients, invoices, and payments. It works by exchanging small XML data packets (in a format known as qbXML) back and forth between Quickbooks and Ubersmith. Using XML for transactions allows for improved handling of data and error handling and prevention.

This is a huge improvement over using IIF or RDS as there is no dependency on a Windows host to be functional
at all times, and the likelihood of data corruption is reduced considerably.

If running the integration for the first time, we suggest using a new company file, so you can see the changes /
additions Ubersmith will make, to ensure they will not conflict with your existing company file. We can then reset your instance to use the new company file when you are ready.


On the Windows host you are running Quickbooks on, install the Quickbooks Web Connector. It is a free download, available at 

Access Ubersmith from the Windows host you are running Quickbooks on.

Go to Settings, and click 'Quickbooks Web Connect'. The link is the last option in the 'Global Settings' section.

Click the 'Yes' radio button to enable Quickbooks Web Connect.

For the Web Connect username and password, enter any username and password you are comfortable
with using.

For the Company Filename, provide the full path to your company's Quickbooks file. For example:

C:\\Program Files\\Intuit\\QuickBooks 2006\\MyCompany.QBW

PLEASE NOTE: Not specifying a company filename will cause QBWC to use any open company file. This
is dangerous!

If previous years of data have been 'closed' by your accountant, consider setting the 'Import Records
Starting From' date to a date within this Tax/Fiscal year. Ubersmith cannot add records to 'closed' date ranges.

Once this information is complete, click 'Submit'. A link to download the 'Ubersmith QWC File' will appear.

Click 'Download', and save this file on your Windows machine. Once downloaded, double click the ubersmith.qwc file to launch the Quickbooks Web Connect. You will be presented with a pop up requesting you to 'Authorize New Web Service'. Verify that the Application Information section and Web Security Certificate Information sections look correct, and click 'OK'.

Quickbooks will request that you approve the Application Certificate for 'UbersmithQBWC'. Select one of
the 'Yes' options that you are comfortable with. Be sure to check the option 'Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers an customer credit card information.' Without this option checked, Ubersmith will not be permitted to update client data.

Click 'Continue', and then click
'Done' on the confirmation popup.

You will be prompted for the password you entered in the Settings section of Ubersmith. Enter it
now. The username is not required, as it is stored in the QWC file. Click 'Yes', to save the password, if desired.

Before Initial Update

Go to the 'Service Plans' section of Settings. For each service plan, you will see that you can specify a 'QuickBooks Income Account'. This is typically an income account that you have already specified within your QuickBooks installation. If no income account is specified, Ubersmith will try to use the 'Other Income' income account, which as of recent versions of QuickBooks is no longer created by default. Not specifying a QuickBooks income account for each of your service plans can lead to the integration failing.

First Initial Update

The Ubersmith QBWC application will now be loaded. Click the leftmost checkbox in the section for UbersmithQBWC to enable the application. You can have the application automatically synchronize using the 'Auto-Run' and 'Every_Min' sections of the QBWC window. To update right now, click 'Update Selected'. The first update will import payment methods, service plans (called 'Items' in QuickBooks), tax items, clients, and invoices. The process should require no manual intervention. Any severe errors will be returned to the QBWC application, and other errors will be logged to Ubersmith itself for development staff review. This process can take anywhere from several hours to a few minutes, depending on the amount of data to be imported.

Second Initial Update

The second update will import any remaining invoices, and payments. After this import you can allow the QBWC application to run automatically, or update it manually, using the 'Update Selected' button.