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To use two-factor authentication to log in, you will need to enable it in Ubersmith and also install and configure an approved third-party, two-factor service. Ubersmith integrates with any time-based one-time password (TOTP) token-generator application.



  1. Log into your Ubersmith client account. 

     The Ubersmith Welcome window appears.

  2. Click the View Profile link.

  3. In the Authentication section, next to Two-Factor, click the Click to enable link.

    The Two-Factor Authentication window appears.

  4. On the Enrollment tab, enter your password and click Next.


    Your secret key appears. 

  5. From your TOTP application on your mobile device, either scan the barcode or type the numerical key. Follow the rest of the TOTP instructions, if necessary.
  6. Click Next.



    The Token field displays.

  7. On the Enrollment tab, verify your token by entering the 6-digit token key in the Token field and click Complete Enrollment.




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Once you have enabled a client or contact user to log into Ubersmith using two-factor authentication, an additional login window will display. See Logging into Ubersmith for more information.