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Once you have configured your device types and groups for your virtual machine hosts, you are ready to create a new device. When creating the device, ensure you select the device type you specified for virtual machine hosts. In our example, the type is 'Virtuozzo Host'.

In the Actions section, click Configure.

Fill in the details as they are appropriate for your VM host. The Address is the IP address or hostname you use to access the VM host. Set the Update Interval to '1' to begin polling the host for SNMP-based data. The Username and Password are the values used to access your VM host. The Read Community is the community used to access the SNMP daemon running on the host. Once these values are configured, click Save to complete the configuration. The device page will refresh and attempt to contact your VM Host. 

Details and charts regarding the state of the host will be displayed. As you can see, this host already has some VMs configured. Once you have verified that the VM host is configured properly, you will be able to start provisioning new VMs.

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