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The Ubersmith RWhois server runs on port 4321 under xinetd.

You will want to ensure that xinetd is installed on your host. On most Red Hat based distributions, this can be accomplished by running:

yum install xinetd as root.

On Debian, you can run:

apt-get install xinetd as root.

In order to enable the RWhois server, you will need to create the file


with the following content:

service rwhois
disable = no
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = ubersmith
server = /path/to/ubersmith/instance/rwhois.php
server_args =
port = 4321


Note that the server and server_args items above must be changed to accurately reflect the path to rwhois.php as well as the URL of your Ubersmith instance. Ensure that the user value represents an existing unprivileged UNIX user you are comfortable with having the RWhois service run as.

Once this file is created, restart xinetd and you will be able to query the RWhois server on
port 4321 using a standard whois client.

Configuring RWhois Roles for Authorized Contacts

Ubersmith's RWhois server can also supply contact data using the information for an authorized contact. You can configure a client's authorized contact as managers for the 'POC', 'Tech' and 'Abuse' RWhois roles. Edit the contact, and click the appropriate checkbox for the contact's role. Their information will be used when an IP that is associated with that client account is queried. In the 'RWhois Settings' section of Settings you can also configure if clients are permitted to override the "Abuse" point of contact configuration.

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