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From a specific device's page within the Device Manager, you can add an IP assignment by clicking in one of the two following areas:

In the orange action bar, click "Add IP Assignment".
In the IP Assignment Box, click the "edit" link in the upper right hand corner.


Enter your description for this IP assignment here. You can leave this field blank, if desired.

This describes the sort of IP (public, private, gateway) that you are assigning to your device.

  • Global: This is a publically routable IP address. For example, is one (of many) publically routable addresses for A public IP can only be associated with one device at a time.
  • Local: A local IP address that can be used across many machines and can occur numerous times within an Ubersmith instance. These are the addresses defined in RFC 1918. For example, would be a common 'Private' address that you might find in an Ubersmith instance.
  • Gateway: The gateway address, used for switches and routers. This additional type is provided solely for organizational purposes, and can only be used once within the system.

When an assignment is marked as portable, this gives the client who owns the device the ability to break it up and move it among devices. This is handy if the client is on their own VLAN and helps keep both the provider and client on the same page as to where IPs are currently allocated. Note: This feature has not yet been implemented within the Client Interface.


Choose From Client Allocations

IP Group
This dropdown allows you to select the group of IPs the allocation should be selected from.

This refers to the number of IPs that will be assigned to the device. The number of IPs to be added is represented in CIDR notation as well as the exact number of IPs (in parenthesis).

Choose New Assgnment:

This dropdown allows you to select the pool of IPs from which you would like to select an address from.

This dropdown allows you choose the datacenter the assignment should be selected for.

This refers to the number of IPs that will be assigned to the device.The number of IPs to be added is represented in CIDR notation as wellas the exact number of IPs (in parenthesis).

Enter Manual Assignment:

Assign an IP address to your device manually. You can specify the assignment in CIDR notation, or as a range (ex. - The system will automatically create the appropriate CIDR blocks on the appropriate boundaries to reflect the range you have entered.


This tab allows you to set the owner of the IP that you wish to assign. You can search through the clients within the system, and select the appropriate client using the radio buttons.


This tab shows you all IP address that will be assigned. This tab is populated after clicking the 'Check' button.

When you are finished entering the appropriate information into the popup, clicking 'Check' will allow you to check the assignment you will create. Clicking 'Save' will create the assignment, or inform you if there is a conflict. 

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