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The AWS Reseller Billing plugin allows you to bill for Amazon Web Service usage. Configure the details for your AWS installation, as well as the individual prices for the resources, in order for Ubersmith to bill your clients. It is assumed that you are already established as an AWS reseller.

In order to begin billing for this service, you need to configure Ubersmith and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once all the necessary pieces have been configured, any current or new service based on the service plan will be ready. The configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Configure Ubersmith (below).

  2. Configure Amazon Web Services (below).

  3. Enable the AWS plugin.
  4. Configure the AWS plugin (below).
  5. Create a generic AWS billing service plan.
  6. Configure the usage section in the AWS service plan to use the appropriate AWS region.
  7. Create a AWS billing service with the Post Renew field set to Yes.
  8. Add an AWS organization account to the AWS billing service (below).

Configuring Your Ubersmith Instance

  1. Upgrade to Ubersmith 4.3.0 or later.
  2. Upgrade to PHP Composer v1.7.2 or later on the host machine running the Ubersmith web container.

Configuring Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  1. Configure your AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) user with access keys.
  2. Enable AWS Cost Explorer Service.
  3. Enable AWS organizations.
  4. Configure AWS permissions as follows:
ServiceAccess LevelResource
Cost Explorer ServiceFull AccessAll Resources
OrganizationsFull: List, ReadAll Resources
Price ListFull Access

All Resource

Configuring the AWS Plugin

  1. In the Add Instance field, select 2: AWS Usage Datasource.
  2. In the AWS Access Key ID field, enter your Amazon Web Services access key ID.
  3. In the AWS Secret Access Key field, enter your Amazon Web Services secret access key. 

Adding an AWS Organization Account

  1. Access the Service Details page.
  2. In the Usage Plan Rate Properties section, click details.

    The Usage Plan Rate Properties page appears.
  3. Click configure datasource.

    The AWS Reseller Billing page appears.
  4. In the AWS Organization Accounts field, select the appropriate account.
  5. Click Save.

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