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When a device's type has the Bandwidth Monitoring module enabled, the "edit" link now goes to the "Connections" page.

How to create connections for use in Bandwidth Monitoring


1) Source device must have properly configured and working switch information module. This will automatically create the necessary interfaces for the device when the module is added and configured by polling its SNMP information.

2) Source Interface being used MUST be set to active.

3) Destination device also needs to have the usual eth0, eth1, eth2, etc. interfaces defined in the interfaces block.  The 3 mentioned should already be there as defaults, but if not, create a new interface with that naming convention, and ensure that it is also set to 'Active'.

4) Assuming you'll be using Bandwidth Monitoring on the Destination device, that module must also be enabled for that device type. Any Interface/port can only be assigned ONCE. Therefore you cannot currently have bandwidth monitoring show up for a port on both an 'Administrative' device page AND a client's device.


1) Identify Source device (usually a router or switch)

2) Identify Destination device (usually a server or other downstream device)

3) On the Destination device page, click the "Connections" tab, and then click the "Add new Connection" link.

4) On the "Add New Connection" popup, you'll start on the "Details" tab.  You can enter a name for the Connection if you choose. If not, click on the "Links" tab.

5) On the Links Tab, Go to the "Select Interface" section and type the device ID of the Source Device in the "Device" box. Once the proper device autopopulates, select the desired Source Interface from that device.

6) Click the "Add as Source" Button.

7) Going back to the "Select Interface" section, type in the "Destination" device ID. Once that autopopulates with the correct device, choose the Destination devices desired Interface to use.

8) Click the "Add as Destination" Button.

9) If you have more connections to add for this Destination device, click the 'Save and New" and then repeat steps 5 - 8, otherwise click the "Save" button.

At this point, the connections you have defined should be showing up in the Bandwidth Monitoring module on the desired device.


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