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When a new ticket enters the Support Manager from an unknown contact, it will not automatically be associated with a Client. You can associate the ticket with a client, and additional create a new contact for the Client using the email address that was used to submit the ticket.



From the ticket's page in the Support Manager:

Click the "Associate with Company" link. This link is located in the upper left hand corner of the tickets page.

Find the client you would like to associate the ticket via the search box. You can search based on the following fields:

Client ID#

Service ID#

Invoice ID#


Authorized contacts


Email Address

Phone Number

Service Description


Service Comments

IP Address

Referred By

Client Metadata

Service Metadata

Choose the client to associate the ticket with, using the radio buttons.

If appropriate, add the email address as an authorized contact using the checkbox.

If appropriate, select a service to associate with the ticket.

Click the "Associate Ticket" button to complete the association.

Note: If you wish to change the associated client again, click the "change company assignment" link. Once a ticket is associated with a client, it can be further tied to a service, device, order and/or opportunity within that client's account.


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