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Ubersmith can be configured to automatically charge clients late fees based on past due invoices. Once assessed, late fees are added as one time fee services to the client's account and will appear in their next generated invoice.


Once defined a late fee schedule can be assigned to any client account within the brand. This is done via a per-client setting on the 'edit client' popup window.

Once assigned all future invoices generated for the client will have the late fee schedule attached. The summary of the late fee schedule will be displayed at the bottom of any invoice generated while it is in effect.

Ubersmith will automatically asses late fees on unpaid invoices and create one time fee services in clients' accounts when appropriate. The services will use the built in 'Late Fee' service plan and will have a service description that outlines what the fee is for. Further, the fee will include a service note that fully outlines which invoice and unpaid amount the late fee is being billed against.

Late fee services will be automatically invoiced to the client like any other one time fee service. Late fee services are NOT excluded from late fee schedules if the invoices that contain them remain unpaid. Also, take note that a late fee must be applied to an account before an invoice is generated in order for said late fee to be assessed on said invoice.

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