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Two-factor authentication adds another level of security to your Ubersmith account. It requires a second form of verification, in addition to a user name and password. Two-factor authentication is available for your users as well as your clients and contacts.

To use two-factor authentication to log in, you will need to first add the two-factor authentication module to Ubersmith and also install and configure an approved third-party, two-factor service on your mobile device. Ubersmith integrates with Authy and Duo (using Web SDK) for your approved Ubersmith users and any time-based, one-time password (TOTP) token-generator application for client and contact users, which they can enable in the Client Portal.

Access the Add Two-Factor Module Page

  1. Access the User Authentication page.
  2. From the Authentication Modules section, click Add New Two-Factor Module.

    The Add Two-Factor Module page appears. 

Complete the Details Tab

  1. In the Module field, select the appropriate two-factor application. For your user’s select either Authy or Duo. For your client or contact users, select TOTP.
  2. In the Enable For field, select one or more user type you want to use. If you selected either Authy or Due, Admins is automatically selected. If you selected TOTP, select Clients and/or Contacts.

Complete the Config Tab 

Different fields display depending on the two-factor module selected. Enter the appropriate information for each field that displays.

  • If you selected Authy or Duo, use the configuration information supplied from them.
  • If you selected TOTP, no configuration is necessary. 

Configuring Users

After adding a two-factor module, you will need to configure your user accounts to start logging in using it. 

  1. Access the Users page.
  2. From the user’s row, click their name or details. 

    The Preferences page appears.
  3. In the User Info section, click edit

    The User Info & Brand Access page appears.
  4. From the Two-Factor Module field, select the two-factor application to use.
  5. Click Save
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