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Ticket filters allow you to direct and modify incoming requests to the Support Manager based on a variety of criteria. For example you can delete spam email or move billing questions to a billing department.

Accessing the Filters page

  1. From the Ubersmith Dashboard, click Settings.

    The Ubersmith Settings page appears.
  2. From the Support Settings – General section, click Filters.

    The Filters page appears.

Complete the Details Tab

  1. Click Add New Filter.

    The Add Filter page appears.
  2. In the Filter Name field, enter the name of the filter.
  3. In the Filter Priority field, enter the priority number to define what order the filter will be used. Filters with a lower priority, such as 1,  will run first.
  4. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the filter.

Complete the Rules Tab

You can add as many rules to the filter as needed, which is the criteria to identify when something needs to be done.

  1. Click the Rules tab.
  2. In the For messages that match field, select All if you want filtering to happen when all the defined rules have been met or select Any of the following if you want filtering to happen when one or more of the rules have been met.
  3. In the first field, select the part of the email you want to look at, either Sender, Subject, Body, To, or CC. Click edit to select a specific part.
  4. In the middle field select the matching criteria, either Contains, Does Not Contain, Is, Is Not or Rejex (regular expression).
  5. In the last field, enter the specific criteria to look for to complete the total filter identification.
  6. Click add match.

Complete the Actions Tab

Once an email is identified, the Actions tab determines the actions to take.

  1. Click the Actions tab.
  2. Select Change Status to then select the status. See Adding Ticket Types.
  3. Select Assign to and then select the user.
  4. Select Move to Department and then select the department or click add department. See Adding Support Departments.
  5. Select Classify As and then select the support classification. See Adding Support Classifications.
  6. Select Change Priority to then select the appropriate ticket priority, either Low, Normal, High, or 911 (emergency).
  7. Select Change Impact to then select the appropriate impact, either None, Minor, Moderate, Significant, or Extensive.
  8. Select Set custom field and then select the appropriate custom field. See Adding Support Custom Fields.
  9. Select Email a copy to then enter the email address.
  10. Select Set client association and then select either Associate to client [client name] or Remove client associate.
  11. Select Automatically reply with and then enter the text to return to the sender.
  12. Click Save or Save & New.
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