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Price scheduling lets you define multiple service prices for one or more future dates. This function sets different price periods for a service and bills your clients the appropriate price automatically, based on the date of the service.

For example, if your service for a dedicated or managed server includes an initial ramping up period, with a flat fee of $100 for the first month, $200 the second month, and $300 the third month, Ubersmith creates an invoice with each new price as time passes. 

As the service is renewed and invoiced each month, Ubersmith automatically adjusts the price that is billed. If a particular renewal period crosses over more than one pricing period, Ubersmith automatically prorates both periods to ensure that the proper total is billed.

For example, a service renewing on May 1 for $100 can be configured to increase to $200 on June 15. With this configuration, Ubersmith automatically bills $45.16 from 5/1 to 6/14 and $109.68 from 6/15 to 7/1. This happens automatically without any direct intervention.

Services can also be manually prorated at any time by editing the service and adjusting the renewal date.  Ubersmith automatically adjusts the pricing of the service to the second.

  1. Add a new service, if necessary.
  2. From the Service Timeline, click the month you want to begin a new period.
  3. From the Service Details page, click the New Period link.
  4. In the New Service Period section, enter a date for a new pricing period to begin.

  5. Select Permanent to override any price periods you have set to start after this date. Using the Limited setting keep the new period's price until another preexisting period begins.
  6. In the Price field, enter the price for the new pricing period.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat for each new pricing period you need.

Pricing Timeline

The Pricing Timeline displays service information based on the selected point in the timeline. Clicking on a different point updates the service details information, displaying any pricing changes and prorated values during that time.

Once the service and future pricing periods are configured, Ubersmith bills for the upcoming months automatically.

To follow along with the example above, you would do the following:

  1. Add the service with a start date of May 1 and a price of $100.
  2. Add a pricing period starting June 1 at $200.
  3. Add another pricing period starting July 1 at $300.
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