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A lead is a potential client that can be managed in the Sales Manager. Once a service is sold, the lead will be converted to a full client when a contract is signed and their order is processed.

Access the Leads Page

  1. From the Ubersmith Dashboard, click Sales

    The Sales Manager Dashboard appears.
  2. From the Sales Manager Dashboard, click View Lead.

    The Leads page appears.

Complete the Add New Leads Page

  • From the Leads page, click Add New Lead. The Add New Lead page appears. You can also add new leads from the Add Lead section or the Add Lead link on the Sales Manager Dashboard.

Complete the Contact Info Tab

  1. In the First Name field, enter the lead’s first name.
  2. In the Last Name field, enter the lead’s last name.
  3. In the Company field, enter the lead’s company.
  4. In the Country/Territory field, select the country or territory the lead’s company resides in.
  5. In the Address field, enter the lead’s address.
  6. In the City field, enter the lead’s city.
  7. In the State field, select the lead’s state.
  8. In the ZIP Code field, enter the lead’s ZIP code.
  9. In the VAT ID field, enter the lead’s value added tax ID number.
  10. In the Phone field, enter the lead’s telephone number.
  11. In the Fax field, enter the lead’s fax number.
  12. In the Email field, enter the lead’s email address, which will be used as the default address for billing and account-related emails.
  13. In the Language field, select the lead's language.
  14. In the Salesperson field, select the lead’s sales person.

Complete the Login & Password Tab

  1. Click the Login & Password tab.
  2. Select the Enable Login field to give the client user access to Ubersmith’s Client Portal.
  3. In the Login field, enter the lead’s login ID.
  4. In the Password field, enter the lead’s password.
  5. Click the auto generate link to have Ubersmith generate a password.
  6. In the Confirm Password field, enter the lead’s password a second time.

Complete the Account Info Tab

This tab sets permission for Ubersmith’s Client Portal.

  1. Click the Account Info tab.
  2. In the Business field, select Yes if your lead is a business or No if your lead is an individual.
  3. In the Referred By field, enter the name of the person who referred your lead.
  4. In the Default Ticket Priority field, select the priority of any submitted support tickets.
  5. In the Avatar field, select either Default Avatar or Custom Avatar. If you selected Custom Avatar, the Choose File field enables.
  6. Click Choose File, navigate to the location of your avatar file, and click Open. A 50 x 50 pixel GIF, JPG, or PNG file can be uploaded and used as your avatar. In order to enable the Avatar field, you must select either Admin Interface Only or Admin & Client Interface in the Support General Settings page. To display client avatars, your client needs to upload a file to, which Ubersmith will pull from.

Complete the Permissions Tab

  1. Click the Permissions tab.
  2. Expand each appropriate Ubersmith section.
  3. In the View, Create, Update, and Delete column select the appropriate permission for each system function. Select Allow to let the lead view the section, select Inherit to use the previously assigned permission, or select Deny to not allow the lead access.

Complete the Custom Fields Tab

  1. Click the Custom Fields tab.
  2. If you have any custom lead fields set up in your Ubersmith instance, they will display here. 
  3. Click Save or Save & New.

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