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Device modules expand the capabilities of device types, such as displaying bandwidth graphs, showing database statistics, and monitoring power usage. In order to create device modules, you must first create device type groups.

Device modules configured for a device type group will be inherited by all the device types in that group. For example, a server device type group, with bandwidth monitoring and reboot control device modules, will carry to all server device types for that group.


  1. Access The Device Types page.
  2. Click modules in a device group or device type row of the device type group or device type you want to add a module. 

    The Device Group Modules or Device Modules page appears.

  3. Click add module.

    The Add Device Group Module or Add Device Module page appears.

Complete the Details tab

  1. In the Enabled field, select Yes to activate the module or No to disable the module.
  2. In the Priority field, select the priority to determine which module of the same type is displayed on the device. If two modules have the same priority, the module assigned to the device type is selected over the device group. The highest priority is 1.
  3. In the Module field, select the module you want to add.
  4. In the Client Access field, select the level of access to be granted to your clients in the Client Portal. Select No Access if you want the module to be hidden, select View if you want the module to be view-only, or select Edit if you want the module to be able to be edited.


    The Client Access field enables you to configure your client's access for a device, although almost no device types provide edit privileges.


Complete the Config tab

The fields that display in this tab depend on the device module selected. The tab shown here is for bandwidth monitoring.

  1. Click on Config.
  2. In the Appliance field, select your appliance server.
  3. In the Hide old data from client field, select No to keep the data visible, or Yes to hide it and only display the data based on the date the device was assigned to them.
  4. Fill out any remaining fields, based on the type of module.
  5. Click Save or Save & New.
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