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Ubersmith has five built-in billing periods, one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, to define how often a service is billed. These periods are common, and provide a foundation for Ubersmith. You can adjust these provided periods to your preference, but they are not able to be removed. You can also add your own custom billing periods. Once a billing period has been created, you can use it only once.

Access the Billing Periods Page

  1. From the Ubersmith Dashboard, click Settings.

    The Ubersmith Settings page appears.
  2. From the Clients-Billing & Payment section, click Billing Periods.

    The Billing Periods page appears.

Complete the Add Billing Period Page

  1. From the Billing Periods page, click Add New Billing Period.

    The Add Billing Period page appears.
  2. In the Period (in Months) field, enter the numeric value of the period in whole numbers.
  3. In the Singular Name field, enter the name of the period, such as month.
  4. In the Plural Name field, enter, enter the name of the period, such as monthly.
  5. In the API Label field, enter the name of the period to be used as the API label.
  6. Click Save or Save & New.
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